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Carolyn Rittenbach PSY.D.

Individuals, Children, Adolescents, Families & Couples

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  • Stress/Anxiety/Phobias/Trauma *
  • Depression/ Mood Disorders
  • Sleep Issues

       Common  Issues I Work With:

  • Relationship Communications (couple/family)
  • Asperger social communication skills
  • ADD- ADHD / Behavioral Issues / Parenting

* I use EMDR and am certified in the powerful Human Givens Rewind technique.

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Welcome!   This website is a brief synopsis of services I provide and my educational and experiential background. Hopefully this will help you understand more about me and the services I offer.

I have always been interested in my own psychology, that of others, and the reasons we think the way we do. Our perceptions and misperceptions are often based on skewed information and memories which include intergenerational belief systems, often grief based, that are passed down to us.

I am interested in our psychological evolution as a human race. Our built in fight or flight survival response affects our daily emotional responses and decision making.   The growth of technology is currently moving faster than human psychological understanding, resulting in increased individual, community and global stress.  

I see psychological understanding for each of us as a life journey, not one of fear and stigma, but a journey that opens the door to deeper and more honest communications with ourselves and others. It is a journey that will contribute ultimately to decreased anxiety, depression, and substance abuse and to an increased ability to handle the stressors that pull us down. We will be healthier individuals and families and a healthier global community. It is a mandated life journey for our survival as a human race.